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Based on our combined work experience at technology providers, owner/operators and project service companies, Riverside’s consultants are uniquely positioned to provide unmatched capital project assessments extending from project feasibility though option analysis and project definition.


Our team has performed hundreds of project feasibility analyses and techno-economic assessments for a wide range of technologies such as:

  • Carbon capture

  • Gasification

  • Syn gas conversion

  • Bottoms upgrading

  • Water treatment

  • Energy efficient improvements

We perform initial project feasibility evaluations, identify and rank options to select a project and create project definition packages including process flow diagrams, heat and weight balances, preliminary equipment sizing and cost estimates.


Recent Riverside FEL Services include:

  • Identifying profitability-based project ideas for a small refinery in Texas.

  • Developing a fit-for-purpose project development process for a client to evaluate project ideas and define projects for funding.

  • Performing a feasibility study, economic analysis, option identification and selection process to increase export volume of a major product from a manufacturing facility.

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