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Merger & Acquisition Support and Lender’s Technical Consultant

We specialize in quickly analyzing the asset’s maintenance and operating history to determine the likelihood that our client will be able to achieve their planned performance with that asset. Most often the work requires a physical review of the asset as well as detailed discussions with the current operating team.

Riverside has completed numerous advisory assignments for various firms of assets ranging in value from 30 million to 7 billion USD.

Recent varied examples of advisory activities undertaken include:

  • Assessing multiple proposed renewable diesel projects for a large energy company.  Besides site visits, work included visits to technology licensors and contractors integrated into those projects.  

  • Assessing multiple refineries for sale in the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountain area for a consortium of oil trading and private equity investors

  • Technically assessing a North American refinery for a marketing/retail company

  • Technically assessing a Chinese chemical company for a US manufacturing company.

  • Technically assessing a US catalyst manufacturing facility for a private equity company

  • Monitoring the construction of a one billion dollar expansion of US steel pipe facility as the technical consultant for an international bank (lead lending bank for the expansion)

  • Technically assessing a South American refinery for an international trading company

  • Conducting an asset review for a refinery under construction in North America for a sovereign wealth fund that was interested in taking an equity stake.

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