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We help with evaluating and progressing your technology from bench scale through commercialization. We understand the technical issues involved in scale-up in key areas including reactor design, heat exchange and operational reliability.


We also quantify the financial value of your technology and determine the best means to monetize its advantages, including proceeding to:

  • Build, own and operate your new technology

  • Form a commercial relationship with a partner that can provide technical, financial, or market support (off-take) needed to commercialize your technology

  • License or sell your technology to others (and the required support that entails).

Business Development Strategic Advice

We quickly assess a process technology, catalyst, or equipment’s value to the refining, petrochemical, or chemical industries and determine the best strategy to penetrate the market as quickly as possible. We provide tools, data, and advice to estimate the timing and resources needed to achieve a successful introduction into the market. We can also assist in the implementation of the sales strategy, itself. 

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