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We have a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) on staff to act on behalf of our client in the execution of projects from Front End Engineering Design (FEED) through Construction.  Our project managers have a broad background with real-world experience on the owner/operator side as well as the contractor side and approach projects with an owner’s mentality and a keen understanding of the engineering and construction activities required to finish the project.

Recently, Riverside provided an on-site project manager for a client that had struggled for five years to complete a project and was running up against a regulatory deadline.  Our project manager assembled the project team, developed a cost and schedule baseline, completed the design with an outside engineering company, developed the bid strategy, procured a contractor and successfully managed the construction and commissioning of the project before the regulatory deadline.

Typical project management services include:

  • Assisting our client with project initiation such as creating a charter and identifying stakeholders.

    Leadership in the development of process design and other front-end engineering design documents

  • Planning the project including scope definition, stakeholder engagement, team assembly, procurement strategy, schedule, cost and risk identification and managing.

    Support for the detailed design and advice during engineering reviews

  • Executing the project, including developing requests for bids, selecting contractors, completing the design, identifying changes, implementing approved changes and implementing risk mitigation strategies and communicating to stakeholders.

  • Monitoring and controlling the project in terms of scope, risks, contractor performance, cost, schedule and monitoring the approval of scope changes.

  • Closing out the project, including commissioning and asset -turnover, releasing contractors, approving invoices, logging lessons learned, updating risk checklists.

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